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CZ S2 Springer Precision 140mm Extended Basepad Spring Question

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Good day all,


Looking for some clarification on magazine springs.  I'm running a CZ S2 with the Springer ESP Magwell with CZ factory 18 rd mags with the Springer standard basepads and just recently replaced all the mag springs with Wolff +10% 11 coil springs.  I'm thinking of upgrading to the Springer 140mm ext. basepads.  I have 2 questions:


1.  Will the current +10% springs work with the extended basepads?

2.  I also have the factory fresh, never used, 17 round S2 mags.  If I upgrade those to the 140mm ext. basepads will the factory springs work as well?



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I posted on this in another thread I posted some pics of how the 18rd tube and Springer extension will fit (page 4).  I put Grams followers and springs in and had issues with FTE and double feed.  I am planning to move the springs over to the 17rd tubes and I may be interested in selling the extensions for the 18rd tubes.  They look like they would fit well with a mag well.



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