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H&R 22 revolver


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Well, that is a typical "I really don't want to mess with this" answer, however tightening up a .22 is not terribly difficult.  The trick is going to be getting someone else to do it (and care about it like you do).   *MY* solution has been to buy a "parts gun" and then use the parts to repair the gun I wanted to keep.  Look up on Brownells for the schematics of your particular gun and many times it will give you how many other models share the same components.   The reason for the parts gun is so you can work on the extra parts as a replacement or as practice for working on the real thing.  Its also very often MUCH cheaper to buy an entire junk gun or a parts gun than to buy 3-4 replacement parts from Nurmrich or Sarco...  I chose to use it as a way to learn all about my gun, and thus when I take it out and shoot, I know "I did that"  



https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=H%26R 22lr&Sort=13&PageSize=96


First take it apart (carefully) and clean the heck out of it.  Take lots of pictures so you can reassemble it.  You may find that the reason it was loose is a spring is all gunked up and not pushing or pulling properly.  Feel free to message or email me if you have any specific questions and I will give you any information I have.  

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