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Springer Spaniel Puppies


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Great dogs.  Gonna hunt or just a house dog?


Our first dog (1962) was a springer mix.  Black and white. Male.  We had more over the years.  Dad was big into bird hunting.


If you want to hunt only birds, don't shoot rabbits or squirrels or anything else with the dog, or even bring them home for it to smell/be around.  Dad said Rowdy would be working the corn stubble for ringnecks and if someone kicked a rabbit up Rowdy would look up, see the rabbit and ignore it while continuing to look for birds.  Then one day he made the mistake of shooting a rabbit that stopped and raised up to look back at him.  After that Rowdy was a rabbit dog, too.  Same thing happened with squirrels.  Dad went hunting, killed a few, brought them home and from then on Rowdy would chase squirrels, too.


Similar times with the springer mix dogs we had in the mid 70's.  


I've been a fan of bird dogs my whole life.  Had a few that had nothing to do with bird dogs and was disappointed with their personality and behavior almost every time.


Enjoy your new buddy.

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