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Brass, which HS for 9mm major

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Winchester. Very consistent.


I single stage all my brass to bell mouth and primer at the same time. Really helps to catch the bad brass. Then over to the Progressive Press. I can tell when bell mouthing each piece of brass which is hard or soft. The ones that bulge to one side are usually very hard and get tossed, possibly just over worked (fired and reloaded more than a few times).


I've tested both hard and soft brass and very similar in fps on the chrono. Winchester for me just seems to be right in the middle. Verse's softer brass, FC, Speer, Blazer, etc... and the harder brass RP, HRGT, S&B, Geco, etc... Using 8.6 HS6, Fed Primers, Everglades 115 jhp at 1512 fps. 


But I'll load them all, as long as they do not bulge during bell mouthing and fit my gauge. And they all get gauged. If I had to pick 15k pieces of brass, it would be Winchester. 

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I bought a 1000 pieces of Lapua from Graffs on close out. But I use it for SD rounds not major. Good stuff. Wish I’d bought more at that price. Shoulda woulda coulda.

Range pick up for major. Can’t see any reason to use anything else.

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5 hours ago, zzt said:

I have been buying fully processed, same HS 9mm brass for a while.  As it happens they are all RP.


If you could get any HS brass you wanted, which would you pick, and why.


Lapua if money was no object. Starline +P otherwise. The gentleman that started Starline started at Lake City. It's good brass. 

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I use winchester, R/P, Blazer, federal. I hand sort my range pick up by head stamp and load one head stamp at a time. Case guage every round before it goes into the range bag.  All other HS brass gets loaded for my minor loads.

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I took a very cautious approach to 9 major over a year ago. I only used once fired, one headstamp brass. It was Federal and Blazer. After burning up my supply of once fired and having no issues with brass I've since tried a different tactic.


I've gone to my pail of brass and sorted out Fed, Blazer, Speer, Win, Starline  and RP. I save the once fired for major matches. No problems so far.

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45 minutes ago, zombywoof said:

I took a very cautious approach to 9 major over a year ago. I only used once fired, one headstamp brass.


Same here.  I do collect my practice brass and reload it minor for SCSA Open and PCCO.  I still stick with a single HS because interior case volume changes with different brands.  I wish it were less expensive since almost all of the brass is lost, but I don't have the patience to push through size 9mm range brass.  There are too many 'Glock" bulged brass cases that the resizer and crimp die don't resolve.  I use Lee FCDs for everything.  The eliminate all problems with 40 and 45 because the case walls are straight.  9mm is tapered so only the top 1/4" or so is sized by the FCD.

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