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Is it legal to design a stage to shoot 4 targets behind shooting area?

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  • shooterbenedetto changed the title to Is it legal to design a stage to shoot 4 targets behind shooting area?

I think I get what you are saying, and if i am understanding correctly t1-t4 would technically need it's own shooting area if the stage designer wanted you to shoot them out of the shooting area for the other targets. This is an area that I wouldn't personally worry about at a local, as it seems to mostly fit the rules, but may be the way it is because of lack of props or something,  unless it was way more egregious than what I am picturing in my mind. I know others will say "follow all the rules all the time,etc" but over time i have learned to let some little stuff slide at locals. 

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Level 1 match, maybe

you are allowed to declare what targets are engaged from where as long as it is a medium course or short course, so if the stage was no more than 3 positions and 20 rounds or less yes.


behind the delineated area is just the front fault line for the area "behind" is the rear fault line of area A or (whatever) the only real problem is if the delineated area does not go berm to berm and the shooter goes way off to one side it gets real hard to say if they are behind (up range) or not,  extending fault lines up range from the ends of the area you want them behind would fix this as fault lines that go up range 3 feet are deemed to extend to infinity. Level I matches may use shooting boxes, specify where or when specific target arrays may be engaged and specify mandatory reloads in short and medium courses only. Long courses are exclusively governed by 1.1.5. Fault Lines extending rearward (uprange) should be a minimum of 3 feet in length, and unless otherwise stated in the written stage briefing, are deemed to extend rearward to infinity.


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If I understand this it could easily be fixed with a shooting box and use of the Level 1 exception allowing on short and medium courses the stage builder to specify the shooting location for certain targets. Surely a shooting box is not beyond any clubs capability.


That said I personally object to the Level 1 exceptions, all of them. Shooters normally start out at local matches. When exceptions are used they don't realize that they are exceptions. Many of those shooters will eventually move on to higher level matches and believe some of the exceptions are universal rules. I would like to see all the Level 1 exceptions deleted or at least clubs not use them. Thats just me. You're welcome to your own opinion.


However I definitely do NOT think something like shoot from outside the shooting area should be used anywhere. Its not part of any rule exception and is really confusing. Because its uncontrolled as to where a gamer could take it, it can also be a safety hazard. I hate seeing rules bastardized. In the long run it ruins the universal rules of the sport.

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Right?  That’s a confusing way to say it.  In the diagram or description, just state Area C is anywhere uprange of Area A and specify that’s where those targets should be engaged from.  

A shooting area doesn’t have to be within a box, but to say to engage something from outside the shooting area is confusing and potentially dangerous.

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