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Different model of x5 legion?

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So I picked up a back up legion today and I’ve been told there is a new version of the x5 legion that accepts the SRO and the first model x5 legion doesn’t. 

something I noticed between my 2 legions is the barrel where the round is chambered, one is a full square and the other one has a weird slant cut. (neither have the LCI hole) 


can someone give me some info here on any differences

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The barrel change was made around the end of last year. The new barrel has more case support. 
sig is constantly making small undocumented changes to the p320. I can think of 5 or 6 off he top of my head, there are probably many more. 

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I've got a used Unfired one from early in the year and a BRAND NEW one from last week.  Now I have to do a side by side to see if there's a difference!    I saw "extra" holes in the slide in the older one when I put the plate on for the Sig Max.  Insert head shake here that I have to buy an addaptor plate to mount the top of the line Sig Sight on the Top of the Line pistol.... But here we are.;)

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