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Which Texture on Cheely grip?


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I have finally decided on a Cheely E2 Grip for my Limited 40 S&W. Now the decision; which texture? I want it to grippy but don’t want to tear my hands up. I am presently using an Polymer grip which I stippled with the most aggressive OTDefense tip.

I use a 20 lip checkered mainspring housing. I embedded a 20 lip EGW 20 lip checkered insert in the front strap.

What texture should I go with?


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The first time I handled a PT Evo grip I thought it would destroy my hands when shooting the gun.  I distinctly remember feeling like I had to peel my hand off the gun to let it go.  After the first day of shooting with one, I can't imagine using anything else.  The aggressive E2 texture is very similar to the PT standard, PT and SVI aggressive are on another level.  If you are accustomed to 20 LPI the swap to the E2 aggressive should be painless.

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  • ima45dv8 changed the title to Which Texture on Cheely grip?
21 hours ago, Sarge said:

Do a search here. The standard texture is absolutely grippy enough without feeling like a wood rasp.


This ^^^^^^.  My friends who shoot other grips always comment on how grippy the standard e2 is.  Some say it's too grippy.  I think it just right.

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10 hours ago, Irontexan said:

The standard E2 is very grippy, and I was pleasantly surprised the first time I handled one. That said I like the aggressive one even more, and don't find it uncomfortable even during extended duration.

The advantage of using the Extra Aggressive Cheely E2 is I can do some finish work on these when I am not shooting:


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