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Conversion Kit KIDON from IMI Defense anyone?

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Hello all,

I´m teaching new shooters in our club pretty often (about ten times a year) and have some newbie family member which I´m, every now and then, taking to the range.

They find their way easier with rifles, but struggle with the caliber and the weight/handyness.


Now I saw a video on U-tube where a father teaches his daughter with a pistol in Carbine Conversion Kit, and she had a blast, she could make hits easy.


So, now I want one for my newbies to let them have a positive experience right from the beginning.


I like the features of the KIDON system (yes, and the look) and do have two compatible pistols, Walther Q5 Match and CZ SP01 Shadow.



And I think the KPOS from FAB Defense would fit both, too.




But I would like to hear any info I can get, no matter which system it is.


Would you share your experiences please?




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I have started my "PPCing" with Hera Arms conversion + glock 17 gen5.. it's solid and more ARkish kind of conversion.  Anyway


+Very low weight


+Cheaper, than a good AR9

+It's pretty simple to undestanding the basics

+Side charging handle

+You just put factory ammo in and get subpar happines out. No mess with buffers and loads and springs.

+You can run and shoot it onehanded if you want


-Reliability: FTE is your new friend. But for training it's even better in some ways 

-Accuracy: It's just meh

-Splits: They are soo slow. Glock trigger is not an Eclipse

-Not so cool looking.

-Magwell and other usefull devices.


It's good for starting but you can skip it






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Not just me but all my friends with conversions (Roni mostly) are also experienced these FTE ..not very often but 1 per every 5-7 stages 100%. Fixed it by selling whole thing separately  :D

Dirty pistol yes. It's not a problem. It's not dirty like "concrete compensator" dirty..it's just you take a blanket and just woosh it and it's clean now. Not a problem at all


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