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Which MBX Follower fits?


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The first picture below shows 2 140mm and 1 171.25mm 2011 9mm MBX mags along with styles of followers. All mags were purchased used so I don't know heritage though they don't appear to have seen a lot of use. The question is what follower do I use in the 170mm mag? I've had some mag feeding failures with the follower that was in the big mag (the flat green one pictured on the left), which I don't believe is an MBX-designed follower. Though it's hard to tell on the MBXExtreme video, I believe these are Gen1 tubes. In the picture below, the 3 followers are left-to-right: unknown brand flat green follower with no markings, green MBX follower marked with what appears to be an inverted "9" or maybe a "G", and a black MBX follower marked with what appears to be a "G1". Only the follower on the left fits easily in the big mag and it usually works but not 100%. Note that the flat follower is also in the left 140mm mag and the G1 follower is in the right 140mm mag. Both of these followers fit in the 140mm mags and seem to work fine but they never get the use that the 171.25mm gets, so I cannot say with certainty they're 100%.


If I put in the G1 follower in the big mag (which I believe should be correct), it binds near the top of the mag (see 2nd pic). Although I can certainly get out the file and fit the follower, I had expected it to easily fit the tube. The "9" follower also doesn't fit but it's definitely further off than the "G1".  Is it normal to have to tune an MBX follower to fit the MBX tube? I suppose the tube could be deformed, causing the follower to bind. In that case, maybe the tube requires some work. Suggestions?



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The one with the inverted 9 (because you are looking at it upside down) is a 9mm Gen 2 follower.  It will not work in your Gen 1 tubes without modification.  The G1 follower is Gen 1 and should work in any of them.  In your pic of the Gen 1 follower it looks like it is too flat.  It should be angled down more on the mag catch side.  Even though they are not supposed to, G1 followers work in my Gen 2 tubes. 

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