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Ruger PC Carbine PCC - Volquartsen TG9 Review

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This is a follow up of my last post which was a review of the Ruger PC Carbine.  I recently got the Volquartsen TG9 which turns the gun in a somewhat usable back PCC to a legit contender for a primary PCC.  I recently ran it at Area 8 and got 2nd in PCC - which was entirely based on my slow, haphazard, and incoherent shooting. 😅


-I bought it off Brownell's for $247 and paid $5 for shipping - drama free delivery and it was in stock back in mid-July.


-Installation is super easy - literally take it in the box with you to the range because it'll fall right in.  


-IF you are running the MCARBO buffer - it will not fit because the material on the buffer prevents the back of the trigger from being flush for pins.  Use the original buffer - I don't really think the MCARBO did anythiny way.


-The guts and design of the TG9 are very similar to the original trigger - i.e. the trigger bar and spring that fits in the back base of the trigger assembly.


-Mine breaks around 2.75-3lbs depending on where you break the trigger.  The feel is OK compared to a nicely setup Hiperfire, but exponentially better than the stock trigger as well as the TandemKross - that was a waste of money.  It is not a super clean break but definitely good enough to run as a primary PCC.


-There are small set screws for pre and post travel - take special care when you adjust the pre-travel because my screw was pretty secure in there.  It comes with a decent amount of pre-travel, post-travel was fine and I left it alone.


-Reset is not as positive as I'd like which is an easy fix with a different spring.


-Seems as reliable and durable as the OEM trigger - I don't expect any maintenance other than maybe annual spring change.


-I'll post some links to videos from me running it in Area 8. 


Send your questions, thanks.



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On 9/16/2020 at 8:01 AM, 3tech said:

I experienced some light primer hits when I installed this trigger in my Ruger PC. It is 100% though using Federal 100.

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Hey partner - I didn't experience that at all - I've run mostly Fed100 SPP but also Win SPP.  I also tested some factory which is a mixed bag for primers.  The spring pressure seems similar to the lightened hammer spring from MCARBO - but based on the fact that the TG9 has the same design and the OEM trigger assembly, you could put the OEM spring in and use it.  


I think if someone really wanted to take the TG9 to the full limit, they would do a little sear/hammer work to make the break a little cleaner.  That plus a little HEAVIER of a hammer spring would tighten everything up.  I did experience with the lightened MCARBO bump fires with hot factory so take note of that.  If you run a light hammer spring and hot ammo, you could have bump fires.

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I'll measure mine, but I wanted it <2.5lbs and after 3x VQ got it right.  I just don't remember the exact pull weight.  Out of the box it was closer to +3lb


I run light ammo but have had zero issues.

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On 9/17/2020 at 10:48 AM, jrdoran said:

I'll measure mine, but I wanted it <2.5lbs and after 3x VQ got it right.  I just don't remember the exact pull weight.  Out of the box it was closer to +3lb


I run light ammo but have had zero issues.

Yes, 0 issues for me - the trigger weight is OK but the break is a little long for my taste.  That being said, I may not end up polishing or filing anything.

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