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Best Trigger for GMR-15

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I know.  There is a HUGE thread on the best trigger for PCCs.


I have found, however, that the best trigger often depends upon the specific bolt you are running.


So my question is.......for you GMR-15 users using the JP Bolt Carrier Group......what trigger has worked well?  Are there any triggers that HAVE NOT worked well?


FYI, my stock trigger is Kaput.  So please exclude stock trigger answers.  I am looking for a drop in unit.


Many thanks, in advance.

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Some like the hiperfire.  Every one of their triggers I've tried felt like crap to me.  So maybe it's just an acquired taste.  I use CMC single stage in my GMR-15.  It's 3.5 lb, so definitely not the lightest if that's what you're after.  But it feels great and it's clean, crisp and 100% reliable.

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On 9/21/2020 at 5:53 PM, ampleworks said:

There's a video of Max running 10s with the CMC so I see no reason to change mine out for something different.

my buddy specifically spent Max his CMC to make a video on it.   Max is at a whole different level tho.  Either way, it really is a great trigger.  I can't say from experience tho as I'm not sure how it would like the MPX

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