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How many pouches for PCC ?

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On 10/12/2020 at 3:41 PM, zzt said:


Probably so he doesn't have to sneak a peek to make sure a round has chambered.  I see a lot of PCC shooters check to see if a round chambered.  I think it funny.  If my PCC was not 100% reliable in every way, I'd fix it so it was.  Besides, there is a difference in tone and feel when the bolt strips a round.

Exactly.... IMHO carbine shooters are getting a bad rap because "they take so long to make ready".  Well with the Barney mag, it takes less time to go through that process.  If the empty mag drops out of the gun (testing the magazine release is working correctly) then the chamber is loaded and there is no need to pull the charging handle back to look.


Same thing with the chamber flag.  There is a magnet on my belt to hold the metal ring connected to the orange "Remove Before Pew Pew" flag.  No time wasted trying to hand it to the RO or stuffing it into a pocket, just throw it on the magnet.  At the end of the stage, at Unload and Show Clear, the chamber flag is right there to complete the process.



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Depends on the stage round count.  Usually one suffices but I carry a second one.  We just did AZ PCC match.  I would say a number of guns malfunctioned and required clearing the round and/or inserting a new mag.  Thus an extra was needed, sometimes three. 😞

Just like in all other divisions I carry at least one more than is needed to complete the stage.

I have an old pair of Columbia pants with deep front and back pockets.  I do not use mag pouches.

I don't shoot classifiers so reloads are rare, however, mag pouches facilitate faster reloads.


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Three total, two up front  at 11 and 12 oclock and one at 9 oclock for emergencies. 


The ones up front are good for classifiers, I always carry an emergency backup mag on me most of the time. Many of my local clubs will do back to back classifiers where you may need 3 or 4 mags total (its rare). But i'd say a good 90% of the time that 9 oclock pouch never gets used. You could argue I really only need the front pouch but its nice to know I have the two up front in case I need them. 


The more I think about it, the more i talk myself out of removing that 9 oclock mag pouch. 

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