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Dillon BL550 not 550B or C

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Anyone using Dillon's Basic Loader BL550? Is it worth getting over the Square Deal 'B'? I shoot .30-06, .308, .38-55, .45 Colt, ..32 ACP and etc. I have a 550B that has loaded 10,000's of rounds in the last 25 years or so. I shoot more .32 ACP's in pistol and .44-40 in rifle and am thinking of getting another Dillon so I can set one for each. I have an old primer unit off the 550B now. I weigh all powder loads now when using my 550B so auto powder isn't needed. I could set one for each and still use the 550b for my other loadings. I know the SDB will load .44-40 and all pistol rounds I shoot but .32 ACP. The 550B will load all my black rifle rounds plus the .32 ACP. If you have used both the BL550 and the SDB which would you buy today if the BL550 was not going to be up graded over the years. I would not give up my 550B for a 650 or 750 as it does all I need. I just would like to have a second reloader with one set up for .44 WCF and one set up for my .32 ACP.

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Do not recommend the SDB. I have had a few over the years. They are small and lightly built compared to a 550.

With the price difference get a 550 Not a SDB.   I have used my 550b as a turret press(BL550) by removing the primer system.

And using the powder die from the BL. Hear is were I would purchases a 550C   Free shipping no caliber conversion kit. 


Then get a powder die for the BL500.

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