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Just got back to shooting this year. Built a target batch of USPSA target stands and A-zone size steel plates. 
My middle daughter asked me to come along and learn to run and gun. So I have started coaching her on the basics of draw, trigger control, front sight focus, movement. Range time has become longer and more productive than when I am alone. She has a great attitude and strong accuracy. I can give her suggestions and she lets me know if she is seeing what she needs to or not. I wonder if my Dad enjoyed this as much as I do?

 This is really helping me with my shooting skills too. What a great way to spend time with your kids. I’m seeing my times and accuracy improve even though I am actually shooting a little less each session but more range time overall.

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Agree on that. I have my 3 sons under my instructions now and i think im seeing some of my techniques in different lights that i tend to improve on them in subtle ways. Even my dry fires changed for the better. 

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