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Learning by teaching


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Just got back to shooting this year. Built a target batch of USPSA target stands and A-zone size steel plates. 
My middle daughter asked me to come along and learn to run and gun. So I have started coaching her on the basics of draw, trigger control, front sight focus, movement. Range time has become longer and more productive than when I am alone. She has a great attitude and strong accuracy. I can give her suggestions and she lets me know if she is seeing what she needs to or not. I wonder if my Dad enjoyed this as much as I do?

 This is really helping me with my shooting skills too. What a great way to spend time with your kids. I’m seeing my times and accuracy improve even though I am actually shooting a little less each session but more range time overall.

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"To teach is to learn twice."

- Joseph Joubert


I started teaching classes about five years ago and it really forced me to think about exactly how I do various techniques, which makes me do them better.  I don't have kids but just teaching other adults has been fun for me and watching someone improve right before my eyes is a great feeling; I know I've made a positive difference in someone's life if I've helped them learn something they never knew before and might never have known otherwise.

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I like when discussing/teaching concepts with folks because sometimes you have to be adaptive in how you articulate something and it helps reinforce your understanding to be able to do that. Learned the same thing in scouting. We would have to complete requirements for ranks and badges, but then as you progressed you essentially had to teach and lead others and that forces not only a check for understanding but often times you get another perspective that can lead to deeper understanding for you even as the leader/instructor. 

Plus the best part of the other posts in this thread and OP post is parents spending time with their child/children, educating them about 2a and firearm safety (sucks most kids are taught about firearms negatively thanks to the media/tv/school/etc I’ll stop there to not get political), and I salute you all for being doing actual parenting, period. 
I’m thankful my dad educated me early, along with Eddie Eagle/NRA kids stuff, 10 commandments of firearms safety, Boy Scouts, and so on. 

anyway, great post! 

other cool thing to go with the teaching one another is training. Local guy runs practice days where he gets a squad of people together and breaks down a uspsa stage and everyone runs it but they also take time to discuss strategies, techniques, safety, etc. might be good for other folks to try in their area. 

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