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Tactical Sport Orange Left Handed Safety


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some info that may help - I mounted a factory shadow 2 stock flat safety into my TSO it works fine.  im weird and HATE extended safeties on CZs.  this isn't advertised anywhere that you can do this, but you can.  Given this logic, I would think any shadow 2 safety option would work.  My disclaimer is I have never tried a left hand version....but I've never known CZ75 models to be incapable of mounting the appropriate CZ made left / right options assuming you buy the right part.  generally shadows, etc can swap sides as a standard feature.  I'd think you can do this, but maybe accept some degree of risk.  Like I said, I mounted factory S2 safeties 100% function and fit no home-brew mods. 


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I haven't tried that exact one. But I know that Shadow 2 safeties fit the TSO.  I ran the Shadow 2 extended left side safety with flush right side safety, on my TSO. It was perfect as it offered a thumb shelf and excellent control of the safety (which was important in 3gun) with my right hand thumb, while being flush on gun's right side so my hand didn't contact it accidently.

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On 9/11/2020 at 6:39 PM, ScottEslick said:

Does a Shadow 2 left handed (right side) safety fit in my TSO?





Yes. Just make sure you use the whole set (left and right parts). It’ll also fit a Czechmate since the TS/TSO and Czechmate use the same frame (Shorter on the Czechmate).

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