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Who has built an Open Gun? Let’s see your pic.


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19 minutes ago, texasdawg said:

Just finished this one. It started off as just replacing a cracked slide. Bought a Brazos' slide, but barrel and comp didnt fit well, so bought an Infinity barrel and Binary Engineering Ti comp and fit it to the Brazos slide. Wanted to stroke the gun, but the existing frame was a short dust cover. So, I bought a LSI long dust cover frame and stroked the gun .200" after extending the rails. I had to grind the beaver tail to fit the LSI frame and the slide and frame were both in the white so decided to try Cerakoting at home. Beadblasted all the parts and picked stainless steel and graphite black for the two colors. Wish I had picked a more silver colored color, but it is what it is now. Kind of looks like raw SS, but the black was just what I wanted. Here's a pic,,, buying parts now to try making a gun from start to finish instead a piece at a time.

2011 new build 1.jpg

Here is another one that I did, it is my first and I call it the ACME Blaster.  It is all sorts of eBay and miss matches parts that should not work - but it does.


I wanted to show you how I milled the dust cover in an attempt to blend in the front slide cut.


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I fit my barrel by hand with files and it was the hardest part of the build. There is a couple of places where you can turn a $300 barrel into junk if you are not careful. You have to fit the hood length and width, get the correct barrel land engagement depth, and make sure the barrel fits the tunnel and is not springing causing your land measurements to be off. Then adjust the threading on the barrel so you have the correct spacing on your comp.

Just go slow and get it right the first time. You can do it,,,

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11 hours ago, stevepitt said:

My latest, I've had it for awhile, but still playing with different comps.  Not sure what I like best yet.


Steve Pitt



I have also been trying different comps.  I currently have an open gun that has the same one shown in this picture.  I also have one with a Akai Steel Shoto, just picked up an used Atlas Comp to try as well.  

Your gun looks great, what kind of finish do you have on it?  Who did it?

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Like the hard chrome finish, I have the same comp, too. It seems pretty efficient in the small amount of rounds I have thru it. It seemed to work as good as the comp on the Bul open gun I have, the "Bullesteros" model, which has popples and baffles all built in together.


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This may be the world's cheapest open gun. 


Found a smoking deal on the slide, barrel, comp, sight and mount, and 170mm mag. Bought a p80 frame, tti trigger kit, and a magwell off of ebay. 


Grand total: $600


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