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Ro’s shooting with Squad.

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20 hours ago, shred said:

We've seen 'random' give the same (randomized) order on multiple tablets.  I thought it was a feature since it's handy at a match with tablets per stage. 


If not, maybe it should be-- have the randomizer give the same order from a given seed number and have a way to enter that seed on tablets once squads find a 'random' order they like.


That is exactly how it works. There is also an option to re-shuffle order on a given device. The re-shuffled order will then go to master at sync and can be pushed to other devices.

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Yeah, the issue at local matches is we never sync during the the match, so unless the "random" order is the same without a sync, it gets annoying.


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On 9/12/2020 at 8:13 AM, Nic_USPSA_C said:

Seems like using random sort didn’t always space the ro’s.


My question was more along the lines of scoring and using the tablet.  Squads like to have the correct shooting order on the tablet.


Interested in how people handle placing RO’s in the shooting order on the tablet.


We handle it ourselves at the squad level.  As long as everyone who should be there is there, we don't care what order they're in.  We'll make changes to the shooting order on the fly regardless of what the tablet says or doesn't say.


Not sure why you're trying to manage this?

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