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Looking to purchase some extended basepads +0 for my 10 rounders. Most I've seen are for the standard magazine capacities not for the 10 rounders. Basepads are different.


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You'll probably get more feedback in the CZ pistol subforum.

But are these for the short tube 10 rounders with the extended hollow plastic basepad, or are you using something like MecGars with the drillable dimple?

If for the short tube 10 rounders (same design as the Kadet mags) you can use these: https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/base-pads-extensions/cz-75-base-pads/cz-75-10-round-aluminum-base-pad-long.html

Might need to call CZC and ask when the next run is planned.

Or these, maybe? https://mantisx.com/products/magrail-cz-75-magazine-floor-plate-rail-adapter

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