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SP-01 CZC Carry Optics build

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11 hours ago, Matt1911 said:

Changing that hook trigger out for the older style 85 trigger made a huge difference for me on my SP-01

Yeah, I can't wait I think the SP-01 with the relocated 85 trigger is going to fit well and the big window SRO dot is going to work well with my old blind eyes!

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On 9/10/2020 at 1:00 PM, Truckin_Thumper said:

I think the crisper, smaller dot tends to settle me down a bit more than the larger 5 MOA. 

Thats the only reason.....so we will call it "mental" reasons. 


There is absolutely no way I would replace an SRO (or an RMR for that matter) with anything made by Holosun even if I had to pay more and suffer a dot larger than what I like.  Not that I would have that problem since I like big dots (6.5 on the RMR and 5 on the SRO).


My experience with Trijicon is one of bombproof reliability.  My RMR has 10,499 rounds through it and counting over three different pistols.  My SRO is fairly new but I have no reason to think it will be any less reliable.


Additionally, I avoid buying anything made in China whenever I have an alternative.

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2 hours ago, ML123 said:

Thanks for the feedback I am not married to the SRO idea.  I have a RMR on a Glock and like the battery life and durability.  BTW what finish did you use on your gun, nice job BTW


thanks, but Fire4 Effects did the milling and coating. 

I will say it is the most interesting CZ in the DFW area LOL 

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Coming from someone who had and sold 2 S1s and bought 2 S2s.... I ended up buying another S1 and am casually looking for another.


I like how the S2's feel and look, but I can't argue that I shoot my S1 better.



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Well it is finally here!!


I am new to this stuff this year and thought the trigger on my S2 was nice this one is ridiculous!  I can not wait to shoot it!  Thank you Stuart!


CZC did the entire build:

Shadow Accu bushing slide I got from Stuart

Poly Coat Burnt Bronze

Comp Hammer

Extended Firing Pin & Spring

13# Hammer spring

CZC Short disconnector

Combat Trigger

Trigger pin

Pre B Sear

Shadow 2 mag release

Lok Palm swell bogies


I was going to keep the SP-01 stock upper since they match the frame but the CZC upper I got does not have serialized barrel or slide so I am probably going to sell the stock SP-01 upper with Dawson sights.  LMK interest or what you guys think it is worth.






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