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Lots of gauge failures with Redding comp seating die and Blue Bullets 147 RN

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2 minutes ago, AverageJoeShooting said:

where is it failing the case gauge? because if its lower on the "stem" of the bullet it could be your sizing die and not your seating die at all. 

i switched to the lee U die and havent had a gauge failure since since it sizes further down the bullet stem


I thought about that and double-checked that the sizing die was as low as possible, but this only happens with one type of bullet. Sized cases drop into the case gauge without a problem.

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Take measurements along the length of two rounds (one that passes, one that doesn't). That's where you'll find your answers.


P.S. Doesn't the EGW case gauge check OAL? Maybe the gauge is the problem. Have you tried loading those dummies extremely short (1.08)? You have nothing to lose...

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8 hours ago, Boomstick303 said:

Not sure how you installed the die, but this video is the one I used when installing the Redding die.  I have zero issues.  Maybe too large of a bell when seating the bullet is the issue.  Way better than Dillon Die in regards to changing OAL.





I watched the video and, for an entirely new beginner, I guess it's a pretty good way to get started.


IMO, it just seems like a "long way around" to using the included instructions that come with the die.  And the gentleman doesn't mention anything about zeroing the final adjustments for your preferred/favorite COALs!


And note that the included instructions specify DISASSEMBLY AND CLEANING before actually using the die!



Seat Die Instructions.pdf

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