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9mm 147gr DG bullets


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hey all, brand new here and getting back into reloading after a couple years off. my question is who here has experience with DG 147gr 9mm flat points? powder in my area is kinda hard to come by but was able to score a pound of hodgdon universal. the pistol in question is a g34 with a 13lb recoil spring. I fully understand that I am to do my own homework when it comes to load development but would appreciate some guidance on where to start.  looking for roughly 135 pf 

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DG 147's are hands down one the best pills available. i run dg 147 flat point in my shadow systems mr series pistol and glock 17 and its the perfect round for glocks twist rate, excellent accuracy. i load the following powders, all loads are 1.125 length:

-3.2gr of bullseye

-4.1gr of ramshot silouette,

-3.1gr of titepoop,

-3.3gr ramshot zip,

-3.1gr alliant sport pistol,

-3.9gr alliant be-86


this is the data for each powder that gets me my desired 128-130 power factor in my gun. my top 3 for accuracy and soft recoil is silouette, bullsey and zip. be-86 slightly snappy but very accurate. titegroup is great too. but that ramshot silouette is smooth as butter and gives me the best groups

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According to DG they also have a 145 RN available...not on their website yet.


I've been using the 135 RN coated from Missouri (.357) with good results, but eyeing similar options (135 and 145 RN) from DG but most recently Summers Enterprises.


I've been really happy with the 135 at 130-135 PF using WST.  I know WST is "off the books" for 9mm.  Others have done 147s with it, but I think the heavier end of the spectrum is where the concern with it lies. 

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