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slide lock with rounds remaining


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I'm using a Kimber Classic Target II in 45 ACP with Cobra mags, Wilson ETM, and Wilson 47D mags and have started having problems with the slide locking back with rounds (usually 2 rounds) left in the mags. Doesn't happen all the time, but frequently, and it has happened with all of the types of mags that I have. I've cleaned the mags and inspected them but don't see any problems. I've been shooting SS all year with the same mags, loads, and spring setup in the gun with no problems, so I'm not sure what has happened. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  

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the slide stop has, or can have added a small indent. You also have a detent pin and spring. 1,2 or all three could be the problem. Detent. Basically not enough tension to keep the slide stop from moving up very easily. Could also be damage or a bur on the slide stop from a double feed or some other issue.
ANother issue could be you hitting it. Have you changed grips ? Safety ? got a hand injury ? 
Have you gone to different bullets or different OAL ?

Step 1 I would pull the top end. Then put the slide stop back in. Insert a loaded mag with 2 rounds in it to see whats what. Find out if the rounds are actually hitting the stop or not. 

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Does it only happen when you are shooting? As in you you take a magazine of round and rack them through does it happen then?

Does it happen every time you are out shooting when you get down to about 2 rounds left?

Check the spring tension on the plunger spring. Also, could you be applying upward pressure on the slide stop when firing it?

Could you have lost the short plunger pin that presses against th slide stop?

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I had the same issue with my Warrior II. I found that the inside of the slide lock was too bulbous and the ogive of the ammo would push it up during feeding. I discovered it while looking inside to see what was happening and then saw copper on the blob. I just ground it down a bit and then it was fine.

So yea take a peek at it and see if there's any copper on that part. Good luck, let us know what you find!

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