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Glock Gen 5 ejection issue - looking for input


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I bought a lightly used Glock 19, Gen 5, MOS with front serrations.  S# BLTR***.  Per glock the manufacturing date is May 19.   Appears to have a couple hundred rounds or less based on wear (or lack there of). 

I took it to the range, and shot it.   Functioned fine on the first and second mag.   Factory Winchester white box 115s in OEM mags that run fine in all my glocks.  At the end of the stage, I went to clear the gun.  I pulled back the slide and felt like it was stuck midway open and before ejecting the live round.  like a stuck casing kind of feel.   I tugged it hard and got it cleared.  I shot another string and the same thing happened.  I played with it on the range and it appears to get to about 3/4 open and then you have to PULL to make it fully open the slide / breach to eject a live round.  I can't think of a way to measure the pull but subjectively, it feels somewhere between "I don't want to be pulling my gun slide this hard" and "If I pull harder I could break this thing".  I and a fairly talented gunsmith looked at it and compared it to my get 5 17 MOS and couldn't see any obvious bends or burs in the extractor, etc. 


Doing a little internet surfing on glock and tactical forums, it seems there are others with the same issue but I haven't found a solid explanation or remediation.  

I called glock and the tech said they added a "new cut to the breach face that changes the way the extractor grabs the round in mid-2019 for the gen 5 guns" and that is the way it is supposed to function.   


Hmmm...I have owned over a dozen glocks, from gen 1 thru 4, but just got my first 2 gen 5s.  None of them, including the other gen 5, a 17 MOS, have this issue. I am a bit of a gorilla so I can yank the slide back, if needed, but there is no way that someone without fairly strong hands could run this gun safely and effectively.  

I am not sure what to do.   As of now, I plan to run some more rounds through it and see if it loosens up, but I bought this as a potential carry gun and this undermines my confidence in its function to the point that I am not sure I trust it.  


So...what gives.  Is Glock blowing smoke up my ass?  Anyone else have this problem with gen 5s?  Is there a fix?

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I have a G19 Gen 5 and the issue is the new more accurate chamber of the Gen 5. Basically it’s a tight chamber and the bullet has engaged the rifling. 

The issue is commonly written about on many forums, here’s just one:



The second one is the OP on another forum. 


Two solutions, reem barrel, or test different brands of ammo till you find the one which works. BTW, I stopped buying White Box years ago due to the inconsistency of the loads. 


As a one who reloads this is a very typical issue and is the reason why we “plunk” test all of our loads to find the right fit. 

My G19 Gen 5 has zero issues with the ammo I load for it.  And I believe the Tech who told you about the new breach face and this is “how it’s supposed to work” is more than likely wrong. 


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I am trying to round up some different ammo for further break in.   Not easy these days.  It doesn’t seem to be a tight chamber issue.  Rounds clear the barrel  but the nose of the bullet is not clearing the chamber by about a 1/8-1/4 inch.  

I only have a few round through this and my other gen 5 so I don’t want to snap to judgement, but if the new version of glock “perfection” entails ammo sensitivity and very forceful manipulation, I may just go back to my gen 3s and 4s.  They are cheaper and easier to find anyway. 

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Just a quick follow and thanks for the feedback.  I bought another gen 5 19 and though it is a little harder to clear a live round, it is nothing like my problem child 19 and on par with my gen 5 17.  

I am thinking there is something wrong with the extractor. I am ordering parts to do a swap in hopes that may resolve it. 

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Sounds like a tight chamber, if you plunk and measure different types of ammo you can find what works best and fits in the barrel without hanging up. With new glocks I’ve found that polishing the top and bottom of the extractor makes it operate smoothly and fixes extraction issues. The extraction issues are usually on spent cases though, What you discussed sounds more the oal of the round and projectile shape. 

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