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Carry optics back to iron sights


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Just curious if anyone has gone back to iron sights.  I switched back to limited minor after shooting open and carry optics for a couple of years.  I still can't see the sights without readers, but still I find it somewhat easier to shoot.  If I look back at my carry optics scores, I'm scoring slightly better with my limited minor gun.  I just shoot for fun these days, limited minor is kind of fun.

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I switched back to shooting Limited this year after shooting CO for 2 1/2 years. (Going to shoot Nationals). I am now learning to shoot a completely different platform. A 2011 compared to a striker fired gun for CO. Haven’t shot my Limited gun since I started shooting CO. Plus, I have to wear glasses to see my sights now. At times I find myself questioning the sanity of my decision. But, I’m bound and determined to be the terror of B class at Limited Nationals.

I am A class in CO and B in Limited. I shoot CO much better. At least for now.

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23 minutes ago, SGT_Schultz said:

I'm never going back to irons.  I find that most people who think shooting optics is difficult were trying to use their eyes the same way they did with irons.


You can't.  It's the complete opposite.


Fully agree


The dot is superior.

But much harder to learn once you’ve built a sight-focused manner of thinking with irons.


And there’s nothing visible when your sights are misaligned to help you realize how you presented the gun. Dryfire and muscle memory become much more important.



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