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Dillon Reloading WOW

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My old Square Deal finally wore out pretty bad, it was used up about 35 years worth. Basically they sent me a brand new Square Deal B no cost to me. I started reloading with a Dillon, and I see no reason to change. I was told they are the best and I totally believe it. 

Thank you Mr Dillon


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Received my dillon 650 from being repaired several days ago. I have had it for 20+ years and loaded several hundred thousands rounds on it. It looks like a new press and was extremely impressed with the repair and turnaround. Why would anyone buy a reloading press that was not a dillon? Their warranty is one of the best in the industry.

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A buddy of mine purchased a greatly abused 650 for next to nothing.  He called Dillon to see if they would refurbish the unit.  They indicated they would and the cost would be $150.  He had his used 650 returned within 2 weeks, and he indicated it looked almost like new.  He asked where to send the payment, and Dillon refused payment.  


I bought my Dillon Super 1050 shortly after.


Dillon is awesome.

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Had one of the very first 650's in the state of Michigan.  Had to get help from a professional reloader to assemble the thing as I had no friggin' clue what it was supposed to do.


Many, many years and thousands of rounds later, the cast piece that the handle connects into broke.  I found another 650 online and bought it as I HAD to be able to reload when the original 650 was sent back to Scottsdale.  Dillon rebuilt the entire machine including some of the upgraded parts from the "newer" 650.  It was back in my hands in less than 3 weeks.  Total cost was just the shipping to Arizona.


Sold the 2nd press for more than what I paid for it.....


In this game called USPSA, success starts with those little machines we assemble called ammunition.  Dillon Blue helps you get there.



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