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powder coated .40's


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I am waiting on the balance of the supplies I need to powder coat my cast bullets, has anyone here loaded with PC .40 bullets? If so did you find data from FMJ or TMJ GTG? I know I'll have to work up loads anyway but having a baseline to start with would be cool.


My molds are 175gn SWC, but till the weather cools down and I get to cast I have a slew of wax lubed 200's (TC) and I'm planning on boil stripping the lube off. Any advice on these bullet types? Y'know issues like keyholing,  feed problems, powders or making major? 







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The general consensus is to use lead data when using powder coated or Hi-Tek coated bullets. If there isn’t data for some books will have “plated” data, I’d use that second. Last that I would use is FMJ as it will be hotter than the previously mentioned loads usually. I think I was told FMJ loads are about 50 FPS slower than coated in 9mm. I’m not sure what the difference would be in 40, but I guarantee there is a difference similar to that

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used 40 200 gr Coated TC all last year for bowling pins, loaded over WST , dont recall load but was probably about 180 pf from a 6" barrel. My loads are loaded to 1.180 oal. 
200 gr bullets have caused issues in the past with poly guns and unsupported chambers that need pretty short ammo. No idea what your platform is. Assuming you can load out to 1.180 or so  shouldnt be a problem hitting 170  , Alot of folks dont like the recoil impulse of the heavier bullets.
No problems with keyholing, accuracy was fine.

Do a scroll through the powder MFG websights. Some of them are starting to put coated cast bullets in their online manuals. I think Alliant is offering some Acme data. I have bought a couple manuals lately and find them to be pretty useless. 
Less data than they used to have, not much on any of the newer, ( like last decade) powders. 
I bought a new Lyman, and a new Hornady manual,, not impressed.

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I've been powder coating/hitek'ing  my bullets for 3-4 years now. I won't be going back to lube. 


As far as data goes, I use lead guidance. If that's not around, I go off FMJ data. Usually a starting FMJ charge will put you right at PF.

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