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Add primers to cart, try to pay, there aren't enough primers to fulfill your order, repeat. Eventuaalllly it worked. There's one box still left.
Happened to me. I was pretty pissed. Then tried it a 3rd time and the order went through. 5 boxes of Winchester SPP.

What a rollercoaster of emotions!

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I tried also three times and I never was able to complete my purchase so I did not get a single primer....Anyone know if PV loads their inventory on a specific day(s)of each week or at a specific time of the day(s) when they release inventory?  Thanks Mark

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2 minutes ago, SJBriggs said:

I just got shipping confirmation on the small pistol primers that I purchased. They must have had a few in stock!

I'll stop holding my breath once I see the shipment actually leaves the warehouse. Most systems automatically generate a shipping label for every order.

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