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Czechmate factory recoil spring tested


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There has been lots of rumours on what rating the factory recoil spring is.


I created a spring tester and here is my result using the Czechmate  reverse plug stroke as reference and slide in locked/ready position.




Measure 9.1lbs and locked/ready 4.0lbs of force.




As a side note, I was note pleased with the Ultimate Springs (Eric G.) springs the rating was very off from the rated value.

Rated 11lbs and 9.12lbs measured. What is also interesting is that the locked/ready position the tension is only 2.7lbs which might indicated that the length of the spring is rather short also.

EemannTech springs where very close to rated.







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On 8/14/2020 at 10:13 PM, robert.a.brewer. said:



What are the measurements you wrote on the rod?


Those are reference marks so I know how much to compress the spring.


The 93mm mark is when slide is fully forward.


This is for my Shadow that is stroked and thus moved the reverse plug more forward than the original recoil system. If I remember correctly its stroked 6.5mm total travel of 53mm.


The 3.5mm mark is with a 3.5mm buffer.


The 40mm is when the reverse plug (slide) bottoms out on the frame in its most rearward position.

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