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LH Glock 21 holster & pouch recommendation?


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So since ammo is scare and am able to source 45 acp, gonna shoot a G21 (3rd gen) that I just picked up for a while till things cool off.......     that being said, I sadly realized that NONE of my gear work for this gun. I thought my CR Speed mag pouches would work, but nope......and finding a LH holster for G21 is frustrating at best. My Limcat race holster doesn't work either, which i sorta expected, but hey, I tried.  Worst case, will get Comptac or BladeTech to make one.  Anyone have recommendations, short of shoot right handed? And on another note, anyone happen to have gear that works that they would want to part with?  Currently shooting a mix of IDPA and USPSA......but I'm not choosy at this point on specifics of equipment.  HELP! 



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