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CED Big Board on a tripod?


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I recently picked up a new CED Timer as I need to learn it, all the local places use them over any other brand. 

While buying that, I got the BigBoard combo. 

Using it at a match this weekend, I realized, I need a better way to prop it up. So, I ordered a tripod (needed it for the cell cam anyways). 

Now I need to figure out how to mate the two. 

Any ideas? 

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Don't own one or even seen one in person but looking at the photo, seems like you could take a piece of lumber that will fit across the bottom and snugly into between the legs. Then insert a threaded coupling into the center of the piece of lumber that will attached to the tripod head.


Hope I'm making sense.




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I *think I have this problem solved. 

I have a ton of RAM Mount products and have used them in a LOT of applications. 

They have a mobile printer cradle they may just fit the bill 
I also have a slight stock of ram arms and bases, but has to order the camera ball. 
About $45 shipped for this stuff, so we will see how it works 



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