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Hammer follow


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Here’s the deal. Dan Wesson Stock condition started doubling. So, had a gunsmith recut sear and all was good for about 1500 reds. Started doubling again, and one triple before taking gun out of service. So I decided to order Exteme Engineering trigger kit,new 17# mainspring, EGW sear spring. Figured all good fresh parts the way to go. First trip to range getting hammer follow. Thought this odd as kit includes new hammer, sear, etc.

any thoughts?

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Did you check for even engagement of hammer hooks to sear tip? Is the sear spring slipping off the sear itself? Hammer hook itself could have improper geometry and force the sear out of way.


Does this happen when you are rapidly pulling and releasing the trigger only? If youhold the trigger to rear and the firearm begins having doubles and triples, it would seem the disconnector is not doing it's job. Which would imply a loss of sear spring tension or the geometry of internals is wrong. Be it the pin holes are not true or slightly out of location.


I bring this up, because the parts you selected may already be at minimal spec and could be providing less than ideal function.


Or, if you decided to play with the parts before installing them and altered the angles/dimensions.

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I hate sharing links..unsure the forum rules on it; this may help.




If you read over everything, it will tell you what the most likely culprits are.


If those do not work, you may have more complex issues like I was inquiring on.


I had a springfield that came factory with an oversized trigger bow. It was making issues with hammer follow. It was observed as being very proud of frame when inspecting with mainspring housing and leaf spring removed.


No amount of sane sear spring pressure and disconnector pressure would correct the issue. Took over 7lbs on trigger gauge to halfway correct the issue. That trigger went to dump.

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