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38spl taper crimp die for 1050

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Looking for a taper crimp die that will work on the 1050 Super - common issue is they do not have enough threads, ie the Lee Taper Crimp die, and the common solution is to use a lock ringer under the toolhead.  However I have the skylight light system, which prevents me from using lock rings under the toolhead. I could ditch the skylight setup on this toolhead as a last resort, but prefer not to if at all possible.


So, hoping to find a 38sp taper crimp dies with enough threads to use normally, ie a lock ring on top.  Manf's  typically don't list die length/thread length, so it's a bit of a guess.


Can anyone recommend one that they know will work on a 1050 toolhead with lock ring on top?


As for the why, I am loading up a lot of coated 158 SWC's lately, previously I loaded them on the 550 where the Lee die worked fine, but have decided to start running them on the 1050 as I am shooting them a lot more as of late.  Using Blue Bullets version which has a flat bearing surface, ie no lube ring/no cannelure, so don't want to roll crimp - and at target velocities it isn't needed anyway.



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Interesting, I hadn't really thought of that.  Actually I want to say I read a post some time back that 9mm could not be used on 38, but I might be mis-remembering... but if the difference is that small it seems like it should work fine just to remove the flare from the powder drop.  I actually think I have an extra 9mm taper crimp die, now that I think about it.

Will have to test that out, if my Blue Bullets order ever shows up :angry2:

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So I have a few options to try - my Lee 38spl taper die from my 550 setup, which if I can get a lock ring to bite will end the issue right there.  Then I have Dillon's 38sp and 9mm dies to try as well.  If none of those work out I will order a Redding taper die that @Service Desk mentioned, which I think would be 85282 - that's the only non-micro 38spl die I can find in the Redding Catalog, and it's a combo die for 38/357.  

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Just to close the loop. the Lee 38spl taper die ended up working fine on the 1050 - It's at the end of it's thread range, but I was able to get full threads under the lock ring, with lock ring on top.  So no change needed 👍.   Now just need my bullet order to show up... last update was mid-sept. :(.

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