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Good day folks, I found this forum while searching for information and I liked what I read from the members.

A bit about why I'm here, my girlfriend got her firearms licence a while back and I bought her a S2 to welcome her to the shooting world.

We were at the range getting her used to the S2 and I was shooting my STI Edge 40, I was having feeding issues for the second time at the range and it was starting to bother me on why.

Anyway, she left to go home (I spend  several hours when I go shooting) so I tried out her new S2... a lot, I shot maybe 400 or more rounds through it and started to kinda like it, a lot.

So after a few days of being kinda disappointing in my STI's feeding issues, I bout a TSO 40 and a A01-LD.

I have heard the CZ makes a very reliable and good product, so I went for it.


I have had only 2 range days with them so far (due to working out of town for weeks at a time), but damn... I'm really enjoying shooting them a lot !

I ordered in from DAA a belt Alpha xi pouches and Alha x holster for the TSO (they do not have anything for the A01-LD yet) and I'm very pleased with these 2 new guns !


I'm a beginner shooter that want's to get into competitive shooting again, and my knowledge is limited due to experience, so I'm going to try to learn from you guys what I can to improve my skills and modifications to my 2 new favorite guns.

Thank you for letting me join.


Sexy new toys.jpg

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