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1050 help-No idea if I am about to make a mistake

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I have an opportunity to buy a stripped down 1050 press at around solid price ($400 bucks or so). I have 3 1050's set up, and can take down the presses etc with not many issues.  I have very little experience with aftermarket stuff, so I do not know what some of this stuff means. 


Additionally, I have a lot of the spare parts needed so that should be helpful.

Here is my the issue is the press was on a drive so it’s been modified a bit. The owner says “it has been sleeved so that it’ll reduce wear on the shaft.  I have been told it runs smoother than a stock press, and other than honing out the frame and fitting the bushing, nothing else has been changed- it’s identical to stock.  He says where the shaft slides through the frame its been honed, then a slip bearing installed. The design allows the bearing to be pushed out and a replacement can be installed if needed.  So, where the shaft goes into the frame, the frame has been trimmed away and a new piece of brass has been installed there. This way, the shaft slides through the brass bushing instead of the cast metal of the frame and it makes it stronger and less likely to wear. These upgrades were designed to make it last a lot longer.

I personally have no idea what some of that means. Since I was planning on sending it to Dillon for a refurb, I don’t want them to say they will not do it due to this.  When I taked to them, they said it should be fine... Just wanted your thoughts here.

Am looking for honest thought and opinions as I don’t want to get stuck with a useless cast frame.


Here are some pics-





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To me it looks like the threads are a little messed up on the center. I see a couple spots just looking on my phone. 

Would it be cheaper to buy a complete used unit than to build a complete unit from that main frame. ?

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