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Shadow SAO vs DA/SA - Holsters? - Reloading?


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I’ve been wanting to get into competition shooting for a couple years now. I’ve shot all my life but figured I could have some more fun than just standing still and shooting paper. 

I purchased a CZ SP-01 in urban grey a while ago (model with threaded barrel and raised sights). It is quite a smooth shooter and I had always planned on using it for competition. As I now understand, this model’s barrel and sights put it just outside the length/height requirements for many matches. So, I figured this is a good excuse to purchase a shadow 2. 
I’ve been looking at the Shadow 2 blue vs the Shadow 2 SAO (also blue). My question is what are the differences in using either of these guns for competition. I enjoy SA shooting on my 1911s and Sig P210, but I’ve read that the Shadow SA model is illegal in production classes. Is the Shadow DA/SA really going to be a noticeable improvement over my SP-01 (stock)? Is the SA model only illegal for production? How about 2-gun and 3-gun matches? 

Any holster/belt options that could run the SP-01 and Shadow? Or just good options that don’t break the bank?

Also, due to ammo prices and availability I’ve been looking at getting into reloading 9mm. I’ve tried to do a little research and found that I’m looking at about $5-600 to get setup. Is it really worth it to save a few bucks on 9mm? I’m not planning on experimenting with lighter loads for competition, at least not yet. Figured I’d start with the basics and get good before really experimenting with ammo. I mainly shoot 5.56, 9mm, and 22lr, so I don’t have any odd ball calibers that seem to really make reloading worth it. 

I appreciate any advice and feedback. I’ve definitely been learning a lot on these forums. 





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