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So I met Bobby Carver...


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I had to take my g34 in to get tuned and get some work done so I made appointment to sit with Bobby. It intrigued me how he works out of a Very small but Crowded office but knows where Everything is. Lol. He is such a nice person. I assume he is very busy, but still took his time to sit with me for almost an hour and discuss my race gun issues. Here’s some of the take aways he mentioned to me:
1.  No need to use small rifle primers on a race glock. He said that small pistol primers are plenty to fire the powder. 
2.  Speaking of powders, he mentioned one can use autocomp, hs6 and cfe pistol almost interchangeably as they have almost the same burn rate. In his shop he uses autocomp to fire and tune the guns brought to him. 
3.  He said that beveling and removing some material from inside the trigger well is becoming the norm in the glock racing community and it provides more space and comfort while accessing the trigger. I tried a gun with and without, and trust me, it’s a huge difference in comfort. 
4.  He said that lowering the ejection port is the most common fix to eliminating stove pipes in race guns with optic mounts. 
5.  My magazine wouldn’t click in unless I tapped it really hard which I was told to do by other forums. It worked, but upon mentioning this to Bobby he quickly looked at my pistol and noticed some of the grip tape was in the way as well as the mag well was not properly installed. 
6.  Speaking of mag wells, I bought the one from glock store and it came with a small gold plug. Well apparently this plug he said is a plug that Carver manufactures and sells to Lenny. And it is modified at glock store and sold like that. He installed one of the plugs he had there ( which BTW is longer and heavier than glocks) and the mag well came out perfect. He said mag wells are supposed to fit inline with the gun grip. If your mag well has some give or is not fully straight it’s not properly installed. 
7.  He said unless you are going to be trying different types of recoil springs, to add red locktite to the RSA screw so it doesn’t come off. 
8.  If you have a slide racker, the one that installs in the groove of the rear sight, Bobby suggests to drill a small dimple into the slide where the racker screw marks in order to prevent the slide racker from coming loose. Also use some blue locktite. 

Well, that’s all I remember off top but hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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a glock in open? what year is this? 


bobby is one of the most down to earth nice guys you will ever meet.  Years ago i got a barrel and comp from him and the hood was a bit too large.  He told me to send the entire upper back to him and he would fit it and install it and send back a completed upper free of charge. I will always recommend his work because it is excellent.



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1 hour ago, Chapo said:

He installed one of the plugs he had there ( which BTW is longer and heavier than glocks)

You got caught up in a common mistake:  the Glock Store is NOT Glock. It`s a privately-owned company. 

Things they sell that don't work are strictly on them.


And yes, Bobby is a very nice and knowledgeable man. 

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