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Looking for "online" coach for my daughter (junior)


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Hi Everyone -


I wanted to see what options exist or if someone would be willing to (ideally) volunteer a small amount of time to help my daughter progress with USPSA and steel challenge.



She's currently 14 and has been shooting steel challenge at local matches for fun since she was 11.  She's progressed a lot in my opinion (5 steel targets in 3.21 seconds has been her best so far with a 9mm) and she started doing USPSA last year but we only got 2 matches as we started late in 2019 with USPSA.  She definitely liked it and she was totally excited about competitions this year but with the pandemic a lot of matches got cancelled and even though they are starting up again now, we're on the cautious side still (not looking to get into a pandemic debate....)  I'm a NRA basic pistol instructor (I mostly did this to teach her proper safety as well as any family/friends so they are getting the standard best practices) so she's good with pistol safety but I'm not an expert at USPSA or Steel Challenge.  I was taking her once a week last year during summer to work with a coach on steel challenge which she loved (even though it was 3 hours of driving for me as he was a distance away) and he coached her for free as she was a junior.  She thrived on picking up tips and tricks from him and really progressed.


Current status:

Doing as much dryfire as possible and I even invested in a simulator (smokeless range) that we are both using and she is definitely enjoying the simulator as it's about as close to the real thing as we can comfortably get right now.



Looking for a coach who wouldn't mind volunteering a small amount of time each week (maybe 30 minutes) just to check in and offer some suggestions.  I understand being in person is ideal, but with the circumstances currently looking to do remote.  Technology isn't a problem, I can set up a screen share so they could view the simulator screen as well and have a camera on her so they could observe stance, grip, etc.  Looking for someone who has some time to give back and help a junior along so her skills stay sharp and can keep her improving with the fundamentals until things get back to more of a normal situation (hopefully 2021).  Even if you read this and you're not that person, maybe you know someone who you could ask?  I figured with a world wide group, maybe there is someone out there who would be interested in helping her along.


Thank you!

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I was thinking the same thing.... get a membership to the on-line Practical Shooting Training Group from Ben Stoeger. 

There probably isn't another source with so much information available. 

Get the Bronze membership for $ 25,- a month and you have access to all the training videos, plus you can ask questions. 

Get the Silver membership for $ 40,- a month and you also get to upload one training / match video per month which they will evaluate for you. 



I didn't get the membership yet, but that's cause I'm lazy.....

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Call Mike Seeklander.  He did an online class with a GM I know, the results were impressive.

I know he offered this type of training in the past.

I have another friend who took a class from him and Phil, he raved about them.

Just a quick story:
 I was at Nationals and rocked a stage.  Then in the scoring. I had a miss.  I talked with Mike and he said, "you trained yourself to miss!"  That lead to more talk and a Tips from the GM column in Front Sight.


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On 8/4/2020 at 7:59 AM, waktasz said:

I read through it and then stopped when it said volunteer. 

You get what you pay for. 



With that in mind I just signed up for Casey Reed's training program at www.caseyreedshooting.com.  It's $15/month so it's a little closer to "volunteer" than PSTG.  It gives you a daily practice routine based on your skill level so there's no sorting through drills trying to decide what you should be working on which I liked.  I did just sign up today so I can't speak to the effectiveness yet but I figured it was worth consideration.

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