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New Unmodified 43x trigger not resetting every time


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Grabbed a 43x late June. 
I usually clean them 1st but went right to range from gun store, put about 100 rounds thru it including some SD ammo. 
Worked great. 

Next week, heading to range again. Pull it apart intending to clean it but it looked pretty good, had lots of stock Glock lube still on it. Gave it a quick wipe and off I went. 

Got thru about 35 rounds and trigger didn’t reset. Pull slide back 1/2” and trigger resets. Keep going and it happened about 8 times out of 100 rounds. I made sure my finger was pulling off trigger every time, not that it should matter.  Slide gets hotter than any of my other glocks as well. (others are all gen4). As this is intended to be my carry gun, I’m concerned. Figure I better clean the factory gunk out, maybe there was some shavings stuck inside. 

After a good clean and lube, I’m back to the range today. Out of 100 rounds, it fails to reset the trigger once. Pull slide back just a little, and it resets. Much better, but still one too many for my carry gun. I compare the internals to my buddies 43 and everything looks the same. Only difference is my trigger bar seems to drag on the plastic frame a bit more than his. Mine is made in Austria, his is a US made. 

ive searched the web and everything that pops up regarding this is in aftermarket triggers or when somebody has messed around with the internals. Mine is untouched.
Im not new to glocks, have around 20,000 rounds between my 34 and 19. I’ve had them completely apart to clean/modify. The gen 5 is a bit different but basic mechanics of them are the same. I don’t see anything out of sorts. 

Any ideas? Should I just send it back to Glock? Anyone else experience this? 



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Is the  connector adjusted properly? The cam on the slide must push the connector hook over enough to let the trigger bar pop up so it can engage the firing pin lug. You should be able to slip a piece of paper between the connector and trigger housing.

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I did end up sending it back to Glock. They were great to deal with and it was only 11 days from the day I shipped it to the day I had it back In my hands. 

Work order says they replaced the trigger and bar. Looking closely there is def a visible difference between the original and the new one. The forward extension of cruciform sear plate is now tapered. 
I’m guessing it’s an updated part. I’ll test fire it later this week. 

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