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Up here in Wisconsin, seems like the cool kids are all using them.  There are several that have really drank the Kool-aid and decked them out wit many of the available accessories.  From my observations, they work fine.  Better for the price.


I am not one of the cool kids.  I am using a converted 3 wheel running stroller.





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I"m a cart whore, but I build mine. I like the Zuca format, vertical/stand-up type carts with telescopic handles and easily removable wheels. The tops on mine have magnets embedded to keep magazines from falling off, and hinge at the front to access the bucket, and there's hooks on front to hold a lunch box.


The Zucas seem well built and thought out. Some things I would do differently, make wheels removable the way baby stroller wheels come off (quick and easy vs a knob to unscrew/lose), but that's nit-picking. 


They are not cheap, but what is in this game? And they're solid, look like they'll last a lifetime


Here's a pic of my original steel "prototype", and the aluminum finished product. 


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