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Anything other than personal preference with how close or far away you mount the optic?

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I think it’s one’s personal preference, but there seems to be a “sweet spot” somewhere between FOV looking through the glass (closer in) vs easy to get behind (further out).

For me, my “sweet spot” for dot mounting on PCC/rifle usually lands about right over the magwell or maybe a couple/few pic notches forward (further out) of there...

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I only shoot PCC is Steel Challenge.  I mount the dot forward for two reasons.  First, you know more precisely where the muzzle is pointing. Second, it narrows the field of view around the target.  Basically, bring it up.  If you see white, pull the trigger.

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You said optic, but did not say what kind of optic.

If its a red dot of some sort, then pretty much personal preference. On a rifle/carbine I like it somewhere in the mid range...leaning more towards further out. For me, the closer I mount it, the more peripheral vision I lose....I like to see whats all around.

If its a true scope, then the mounting is dictated by the eye relief of the scope.

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On 8/3/2020 at 6:47 PM, TRUBL said:

PP........put it where YOU think is the best spot......then second guess yourself, analyze it, over analyze it some more, switch it up a few times.....you'll probably end up right back where you started.

See above^^^

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I mounted my C-More Railway as far forward as I could on a GMR-15.  After my first practice session I found a lot of carbon on the lens and side of the C-More.  Moving it back 3 slots on the receiver rail stop it.  Being new to 9 mm blow back guns, I didn't realize how much powder residue was going to come out the ejection port.

As for the FoV, to me dots (tube and reflex) don't have one.  Moving the scope forward and back only changes the perceived size of the dot, not the FoV since there's no magnification.

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