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First Beretta 96 X Performance (on the planet?)

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Being a pack rat, I buy cool stuff I stumble on "just in case" I need it. A while ago I scored a Beretta 96D Brigadier slide, and since getting the X-Perf I wanted the slide modded with a safety cut, and decent sights to replace the dinky nite sights the Brig came with. It came in today. 


I have a LOT of .40 cal ammo made up with brass, and bullets, something I do not have for 9mm (zero of either brass or bullets) so for the foreseeable future I'm switching over my shooting to the new 96 and Tanfos in .40. 


Next , I'll dump the serrated trigger and maybe have the rail ground off and refinished. 







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Yup, when I want to see new and shiny, I can put the 9mm slide on it 🙂


But, a couple of minutes on the buffing wheel takes off some years...



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On 2/23/2021 at 2:54 PM, Chills1994 said:

1.  How many .40 cal rounds can you fit in the gun?

2.  Will a M9A3 grip fit on that to give it the typical curved backstrap of a Beretta 92FS?


That looks nice.


You certainly caught my interest.


92X Perf comes with a grip which is a one-piece and has the old "hump."

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1 hour ago, Twinkie said:


92X Perf comes with a grip which is a one-piece and has the old "hump."

Thanks Twinkie!


back when I was shooting Limited Minor with a  92 Brig Inox and MecGar 20 round magazines, those same mags would hold 15 rounds of .40S&W.


I am ASSuming the same 8 shots per array/port rule still applies today???


If so, starting out with 15+1 rounds of .40 doesn’t really gain you much.


ASSuming you didn’t miss or did any make up shots, you would be doing a slide lock reload after the second array.


(shrugs shoulders)



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