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I haven't gone shooting in quite a while. I grabbed some ammo from my shelf and headed to the range.  I started shooting the Deagle 50. Why? Because I love shooting it. I then started shooting the CZ Shadow. So far so good. I then started shooting the Baer 45. Two mags in, I get a click and no boom. So I slap, rack and just before the boom part, I hear a voice yelling, STOP!. I glance down and see that the ejected shell has no bullet. I know darn well that I didn't load an empty piece of brass into my mag. I break the gun down and damn...there' a bullet in the barrel. The next round had chambered and I could have pulled the trigger with disastrous results. The ammunition was a box of about 30 rds that I had from a while ago. I had a squib then and thought that I had pulled all of the bullets from that batch. This was from when I had first switched to the 650. I wasn't used to auto progress of the shell plate. With the 550 I could stop in the middle of a handle pull and not have the case move on. I've gotten the hang of it now but I must have missed the last of my problem loads. The interesting part of this story is that when I heard STOP, I looked around thinking that it was an RO yelling at me. I was alone on the range. 

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Same thing happened to me Sunday, I just got the dang thing out this morning. I had a click-no-bang - pulled back the slide, and I see the case in there - dent on the primer, I figure I had a light strike. But as I'm looking at it I see unburnt powder. A lot of it really. I check the barrel, and sure enough - the pill is 1/2 down the barrel. Well past the chamber, so the next one would have chambered no problem. Its wierd, there's so much powder it's like the primer went off, didn't burn any powder, but was enough to get the slug 1/2 down the barrel. It was a fairly noise range, but I didn't hear a thing - and zero smoke. This was a 1911 in .45. I broke 3 dowel rods this weekend trying to get it out. Brass rod finally did the trick

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