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Places To Buy An SRO with 5 MOA


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I bought two about 2-3 weeks ago. One from Primary Arms ($517.19 after shipping) and the other from Heart of Texas Armory ($487.94 after shipping).


They weren't in stock when I signed up for email notifications in the beginning of July. I waited about a week for the pings, and they were out of stock again after my orders. That's the only way to get them in this current environment. Best of luck.

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None of these other places have the 5 MOA in stock, some do have the 2.5 MOA in.  These are some shops that were not on your list that you can buy from with confidence.  I have used both in the past.




https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=trijicon sro&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma


If you watch you can sometimes catch them on sale.  I believe I got one form one of these places for $450.  


Also when you get your SRO, set it to locked in setting.  Meaning locked in brightness setting.  Many have found the auto setting creates a dot that is too low during daytime shooting.




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Whatever you do, don’t buy from OpticsPlanet. Ordered an in stock item a few weeks ago that said “ships in 1 business day.” Took a week to get a tracking number for the package, and it’s been a week since that and they still haven’t actually shipped it. Called up today since they disabled their chat function and they aren’t picking up their phone, and say that they aren’t allowing voicemails either. Current turnaround time on email for them is over a week.

I’d go for B&H, they typically ship much sooner than they estimate and are great to work with.

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