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G 34, no mods - favorite soft shooting factory 9mm ammo?


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Gen 5 G34.  The only upgrades I’ve done are Talon grips and Dawson sights.  Using for GSSF indoor this winter and entry/low level steel challenge this summer.  Assuming for the moment that I’m not changing springs, trigger, or anything else.... What is everybody’s favorite, soft-shooting factory ammo?


(Right now I’m shooting Blazer 124 gr. because that’s what I was able to buy, but it’s pretty hot....)



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Energy levels:

147 Blazer 295

147Lawman 317

147 American Eagle 326

124 Blazer 327

124 Lawman 327

115 Blazer 335

115 American Eagle 356

124 American Eagle 364

115 Lawman 368

The 147 Blazer should have the least felt recoil.

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The 147 Blazer I had was pretty hot, not a fan.  I would look at companies that sell reloaded ammo such as Precision Delta, NC Shooters, or Peak Performance.  If you truly want factory then Federal Syntech in 150g or even the 130g PCC stuff.


Not sure you can be too picky right now though, buy what you can.

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I have seen too many failures to eject mild 147s from Glocks around here.  A couple of us have gone to 124s, others cheaping it out with 115s. 

If yours does, try the slowest 124 you can find.  Atlanta has a 124 at 1060 that will be a lot softer than snappy 115 gr econoball. 

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