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S&W 617 Up And Running


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Well I finally got my 617 back from out local gunsmith and I'm happy with the results.

I tried to replace the hand myself and ran into all kinds of problems...I was using a centerfire hand on my rimfire.  I also had a bent crane and don't have the tools to fix this.  I'm too old to be buying more tools so I let the gunsmith do it as well.

When I picked the gun up I was told that he did not function fire it and I had two weeks to test it.  If it didn't work he would be glad to fix it.  Today I fired 150 rounds for Federal BYOB bullets. I had one failure to fire when the trigger pull was set to 6.5 lbs.  Once I upped it to 7.2 pounds I had no more FTFs and groups were outstanding shooting off hand at 15 yards.  I kept everything inside of 4 inches.

Nelson Ford is The Gunsmith, Phoenix, Az..He's been doing work for me for over 40 years and is a great Smith & Wesson smith.  He only works on S&Ws and Colt autos and is very good at what he does.

617 wtih new DS-10s.jpg

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