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9mm PCC ballistics

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I've been loading some subs in the 900-1000 fps range and was having accuracy problems at longer distances. For a short time it led me to think all kinds of bad things about my PCCs and/or my abilities. I've been shooting all my life so that was ruled out pretty quick. Some full bench rest shooting of the PCCs with a LPVO ruled out the guns to a point.


Both PCCs are 10.5", 1:10 twist, PSA barrels. After shooting sets from 900 - 1300 fps at 25, 35 & 50 yds I've made these observations

900 & 1000 fps at 25 yds holds decent 1" groups. At 35 yds the groups open up to about 3" and at 50 yds 9"!

At 1100, 1200 & 1300 fps we get .5"  groups at all three distances.

Loads are 124gr Armscorp FMJ over HP-38, cci SPP and RP or FC brass.


We are fairly new to PCCs. Moved to them after the local sporting clays facility closed. We shoot a large range of calibers in both pistol and rifle. We have ranges at home. Only competition shooting experience is shotguns.


Is this kind of performance 'normal'?

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If your looking for small groups yes ammo loaded in the 135/140 power factor range is wear you need to be. Now in uspsa,idpa,steel challenge most shots are well under 25 yards.

So most load to a recoil feel. As you have experienced lighter loads are good enough. 

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I expect the low velocity rounds using FMJ bullets have low enough pressure that they aren't obdurating well enough to stabilize at longer distances.  The faster and therefore higher pressure rounds seal the bore and engrave the rifling better and remain stable.    If you want to use low velocity rounds you need a softer bullet.

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Thanx for the feedback. I was prepared for the 'drop' of the subsonic rounds but not the groupings. Maybe that is a sealing problem.


I have some plated bullets and some JHPs. I will dial in a 1000 fps load and check the groupings.


Thanx again

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