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Dan Fogleberg - Live

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I was just now watching some old videos of Dan Fogleberg and remembered meeting him once.


Atlanta used to have a venue called The Great Southeast Music Hall, located at what is now the somethingotheroranother train stop (Lenox, I think). They bulldozed  a strip mall where the GSMH was located to make way for mass transit. 


I was there to see a singer we (the band I roadie'd for) were interested in, and while the folks we were looking at were at best OK, the headliner was pretty damned good!  Who was he, and who cared. We weren't there for him (!). 



During  a band break I went to the pisser. After waiting in a looog line I got my turn, and I cordially said "Hi" to the guy next to me. I said how much I was enjoying the show, and he replied how much he appreciated me saying so. I did a double-take and realised it was the headliner Dan Fogleburg right next to me!


I know. . .it sounds goofy. But it was a special minute for me. 

He left us too soon.

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He’s a great singer and performer. I never got a chance to go to one of his concerts and see him in person. I like his songs and in fact, the first finger picking style song I learned to play was Leader of the Band back in high school. 

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