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CCi Primers and Main spring #?


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I run 19lbs MS in all my 1911/2011 and they will set off any US made primer and usually S&B.

Always Fiocchi, I haven't shot any tula's since the last shortage back in 2008-2010

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I now use only 19# mainsprings for trigger jobs and no problems at all with CCI SPP. However, I used to install 17# mainsprings and would have 1 or two light strikes out of 500 round batches. It would happen enough that my only solution was to install extended firing pins when using 17# springs. Then...no problems anymore. However, I prefer the crispness I get when using 19# mainsprings for trigger jobs and can go 1.75# pulls with no extended firing pin and get 100% ignition with CCI. 


Hope that helps. 

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6 hours ago, Guy Neill said:

As long as they are completely seated in the case, there should be no problems.


What does "atm" stand for?




I run a 17# and use CCI's Never had a problem unless it's a high primer. 

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