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Beretta 1301 Comp - Burst Firing


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My 1301 has been burst firing the last few matches I've shot it. Usually just 1 additional shot (has happened 5 times), but one time it threw out 3 shots. I tore it down Friday night, inspected the trigger pack and cleaned it real good. Everything seemed fine, but it happened again Saturday. Any ideas on what could be causing this, how to fix it or who I could contact to get it looked at? Keep in mind, I do not possess very strong gunsmithing abilities. 


Thanks in advance

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Take a look at Practical-Shotgun.com




http://www.practical-shotgun.com/beretta-1301-trigger-removal  The video does not mention an important part when removing the (lifter) carrier spring, which is Item #74 

https://www.midwestgunworks.com/beretta-1301/carrier-spring-washers.html on this schematic


You will see in the video that it stayed in place after the removal of the carrier spring and carrier spring guide, then when the trigger housing was turned over it fell out.



It appears the disconnector is not always catching the hammer.  It works very similar to an AR15 trigger and is subject to the same causes of failure, dirt, weak spring, worn/broken disconnector hook.



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